The Real Estate Club at the University of Washington is lead by an outstanding group of students who are passionate about real estate and the real estate community. These students have backgrounds in: development, sales, business, architecture, law, etc... The leadership team is responsible for facilitating interdisciplinary:  lectures, career development, networking opportunities, volunteering events, and property tours. Club leadership gladly welcomes additions to the team. If you're a student enrolled at the University of Washington and interested in participating, connect with us at UWREClub@gmail.com

Fred Levine, MSRE President

Siri Smith, MBA President

Will Mentor, MSRE Site Tour Chair

Susan Brownell, MBA VP

McKenzie Darr, Urban Planning Chair

Will Levin, Evening MBA VP

Fang Jie, MSRE Treasurer

Frederic Hines, MSRE Event Chair

Chris Hall, MBA Board Rep

Will Jacquier, MSRE Board Rep