Lunch & Learn with Wright Runstad

The Graduate Real Estate Club hosted its first Lunch & Learn of the 2018-19 year with Matt Neilson of Wright Runstad, Company. Mr. Neilson began by walking the group through his career from civil engineering, into construction, and then real estate development. He gave a thorough presentation on the development of the Spring District by Wright Runstad, going into more detail on his particular area of expertise, the new REI headquarters. He took many questions from the audience and concluded with a brief pitch for the Urban Land Institute, where Mr. Neilson is a co-chair of the Young Leaders’ Group.

Mr. Neilson shared incredible information and detail about his work in the Spring District that can be hard to come by. His comprehensive knowledge of the area and the complexity of the project was fascinating to hear so that our students can better understand the types of day-to-day issues that one may face in large scale real estate development.

Thank you, Matt, for having lunch and sharing with us!